Friday, November 12, 2010

Snow Snacks

The arrival of our first snow on Tuesday got me thinking about some "snow snacks" that I used to serve when I was a child care provider.  The kids in my care would get so excited about the first snow that we used to commemorate the occasion by making some tasty snacks!  One of their favorites was snowflake tortillas.  I gave them each a tortilla which they folded up as you would fold a piece of paper to make a paper snowflake, (usually in half and then in half again, being careful not to break the tortilla).  They then would take turns using the kitchen scissors to cut shapes on the folds of the tortilla.  After removing the cut-away pieces, they could then unfold their tortilla "snowflake".  After brushing the tortilla with a little butter, and sprinkling on a little cinnamon-sugar (or using shredded white cheese such as Monterey Jack or mozzarella instead), we would toast the snowflakes in the oven.  Sometimes we even decorated the snowflakes with mandarin oranges or berries after they had been toasted.

Another favorite "snow snack" was "trees in the snow".  We would arrange small stalks of broccoli in a bowl of cottage cheese and drizzle it with a little Italian dressing. 

What about you?  Do you have any special way of celebrating the first snow?


  1. I like your "trees in the snow". We have a snack that my kids have named berries in the snow which is just vanilla yogurt with fresh or frozen berries stirred in.