Sunday, November 21, 2010

Food allergy app

If you have an iPhone and would like some help decoding food labels, this app is for you!  The "FoodEssentials Scanner" app allows you to scan items at the store with your iPhone and gives you easy-to-understand information about that product's nutrients and ingredients.  This app can be especially helpful for people food shopping for a child or family member who has food allergies because the app can alert you to the fact that the product contains peanuts, gluten and other allergens. 

Get the app at ($2).

1 comment:

  1. I'm an allergy mom and I tried that app but it's really inaccurate and disorganized. I wrote to them and they have no medical backgrounds, so I won't risk it.
    Instead I got Nutrisleuth app for $4.99 and it has some well known doctors backing it. Tried it out and so far so good, everything is in it except Trader Joes. You should try it, it is a lot lot lot easier!