Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Nutrition Games

What do you think about nutrition games that kids can play on the computer or on a gaming system?  Do you think that kids can learn anything from them?

I think that they can, and that they can be a fun part of a child's (limited) screen time every day.  I wanted to share a website with you that has some entertaining games that teach nutrition and other health concepts.

Playnormous (http://www.playnormous.com/)  has several engaging health games that I'll bet your kids will love.  They are aimed at children ages K-5th grade and all come with teachers guides and parents guides that have additional activities to go along with the games. According to the website,  "The Playnormous site was originally created as a way to deliver health games to the public. This process began with the creation of Food Fury, a University of Texas Health Science Center research project funded by the Aetna Foundation."  (They do have some information on the how health games can teach children about good health on the website if you are interested in the research aspect).  

The Playnormous games teach concepts such as the food guide pyramid, the importance of physical activity, and "go, slow, whoa" foods.  The website also has some healthy recipes that look pretty tasty!

Our favorite game is "Pyramid Pile Up Plus"!  What's yours?

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