Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Battery Ingestion in Young Children

I realize that this is not really a nutrition topic, but it does involve eating!  In a previous post I shared a cool new choking prevention poster with you.  Today I wanted to share information about a slightly different subject.  Check out this  recent article regarding young children swallowing disc batteries.  This can be a real danger to young ones, and it seems as though these little disc batteries are more common all the time.  I found the statistics in this article to be quite alarming!  Can you believe that over 2,000 incidences of children swallowing these batteries occured in 1998 alone, and that there has been an 80% increase since that year?!   Keep this article in mind when you are checking to make sure that your child care home is "child proof".  Do your best to keep items containing these batteries out of small hands.

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