Friday, September 10, 2010

Americans Are Still Not Eating Enough Fruit and Veggies!

Did you see the latest news from the CDC regarding fruit and vegetable intake among Americans?  According to their survey, most Americans are still not getting enough of either fruits or veggies. This really is a problem because not only are most people missing out on the vital nutrients and antioxidants found in fruits and vegetables, but we also know most people are loading up on the less than desirable things like salt and sugar. 

How does your diet rate?  Do you get enough fruits and vegetables?  One of the things I like about the Child and Adult Care Food Program is that it encourages fruits and vegetables throughout the day.  You can make sure your kids are getting enough by serving fruits and/or vegetables not just at mealtimes but at snacktime too.  If you sit down with the children and eat all of the fruits and vegetables you are serving to them, you will likely be pretty close to eating enough too!

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  1. I get tired of the same old fruits and veggies. Can you give us some new ideas?