Monday, March 19, 2012

Whole Grain Pasta

Have you wanted to try whole grain pasta, but have been afraid that your children wouldn't like it?  Would you try it if you could get your money back if you didn't like it?  Well now you can!  Head over to the  Barilla website where they have a rebate form that you can send in if you try their whole grain pasta and don't like it.  They also have some coupons available on their Facebook page for savings on their products.   Many providers have shared with us that their children make the transition to whole grain pasta quite easily and don't even notice the change. 

Some other tips for introducing whole grain pastas to your kids include:
  • mixing the whole grain pasta with regular pasta and gradually adding more whole grain pasta
  • serving whole grain pasta with extra sauce if children find it dry
  • serving a variety of shapes of pasta

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