Thursday, June 3, 2010

Food App

I'll admit it, I am not a big cell phone user.  I do have a cell phone, but as my children would tell you, it is "so primitive"!  I only use my cell phones for emergencies.  Much to my children's dismay, my cell phone doesn't have a camera, internet access, or even a voice mailbox!  That being said, I understand the fun factor of I-phones, Blackberries and all of the others.  So, for all of you I-phone users out there, I wanted to share a cool food-related "app" that you might be interested in. has an app that can help you choose the freshest produce, give you storage tips for the produce, and even give you information about which fruits and veggies have the highest pesticide residues.  The app has information for more than 125 different fruits and vegetables, all available instantly.  If you are intrigued, check it out!  I imagine this would be a great tool to have when you are visiting the grocery store or farmer's market! 

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