Friday, July 9, 2010

More Web Resources

If you are a Denver Post subscriber, you may have noticed that a nutritional website developed by a Boulder company is in the running for a prize from Michelle Obama's campaign to fight childhood obesity.  The website,, is the only entry from Colorado to make it into the finals in the "Apps for Healthy Kids" competition (which is part of the Let's Move! campaign started by Michelle Obama). 

ZisBoomBah is a free website that is aimed at kids ages 9-12.  Kids can design their own meals by dragging and dropping foods onto their plate.  Once they have filled up their plate, they can "Add It Up" and various meters rate the nutritional value of the foods chosen.  My kids liked this aspect because it allowed them to see the nutritional value of the choices that they made. The website also has nutrition videos, recipes, and kids can even email the meals they have created to their parents. 

If you want to check out some more of the nutrition websites that are in the running in the "Apps for Healthy Kids" competition click here.  There are some other contenders which also offer nutrition games for kids.  Additionally, this link will allow you to vote for your favorite one after July 14. 

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